Best Rental Prices & Best Customer Satisfaction

Why Rent From DustBoss?

Trial and Discovery

•Lowers purchase risk by trying the machine prior to purchasing.

Occasional Usage

•Don’t invest in ownership for short term projects.

Avoid Capex expenditures and approval process

•Maintain cash reserves, control budgets, contain costs and add flexibility.

Adjust Equipment Mix

•Regardless of its scope, obtain the most appropriate equipment for every project.

You don’t have to buy a DustBoss to experience the superior performance and quality of the industry leader in dust suppression. We maintain the LARGEST RENTAL FLEET of dust control equipment in the world and we guarantee the lowest rental price of any comparable model. No one has better dust control equipment available at a better price!

So even when budgets are tight, dust suppression efficiency is affordable – with specific units available to suit just about any project size. Our rental machines come with a GUARANTEE that you’ll be satisfied with the performance or you can return the unit within the first seven days and pay nothing but the shipping costs.

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