OB-60T Suppressing Odor

Treat odors at the source…


The OdorBoss 60 Topical (OB-60T) is designed to use water soluble treatment agents, such as the OdorBoss line, to suppress the toughest of odors.

Using water as the delivery vehicle, the deodorizers land on odor producing surfaces; changing the very core of the foul smell.

With the 30 brass nozzle ring, odor can’t stand up to the power of the OB-60T. 

  • Standard 40° oscillation coverage.
  • 200 feet (60 meters) of throw.
  • 21,000 square feet of coverage.
  • Powerful OdorBoss topical treatment chemicals.
  • 50-200 micron droplet size.
  • Water usage: 12 gpm (45.4 lpm) to 18.9 gpm (71.5 lpm)
  • 500 gallon water tank.
  • Adjustable throw angle: 0° to 50°.
  • Warranty: 3 years / 3,000 hours

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