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crowd cooling at concert

KoolBoss cooling

Rugged misting cannons and custom spray bars for events


The greatest concert festivals know that comfortable fans will come back next time.

That’s why many are turning to our misting cannons and spray bars for crowd cooling.

Originally intended for dust suppression, KoolBoss units are built to withstand some of the harshest work environments. That’s how we are able to offer such generous warranties and guarantees with little risk.

Our first units sold are still running more than 10 years later.

Why go Boss?

  • Direct drive, electronic motors: Less moving parts, less maintenance, less problems.
  • Performance guarantee: If you don’t like it, we’ll buy it back.
  • Available for rent or purchase, with first month’s rent applied to any subsequent purchase.
  • Protected by a 3,000 hour / 3 year warranty.
Faster Horses concert mist zone

Custom ‘mist zone’ designed for Michigan’s Faster Horses Festival

cooling cannon on the stage

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