Product Bio

Introduced specifically for use at conveyor discharge points, the DustBoss® DB-R is designed to create a virtual curtain around the material flow for outstanding particle containment. The DB-R is engineered for industrial strength and longevity, built with a high-quality stainless steel ring outfitted with a network of atomizing nozzles that deliver millions of atomized droplets per minute. By surrounding the discharge flow on all sides, the DustBoss Ring provides simple, focused dust management that’s well suited to continuous duty, such as radial stackers.

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  • Misting ring with variable nozzle configuration, designed for mounting at the end of conveyor belts to aid in dust suppression at the discharge point
  • Variable nozzle configuration allows nozzles to be added, removed, or replaced with different sized nozzles to suit the application

Water Specs

  • Water hose connects directly to male pipe threads on the ring
  • Hose may be supplied with the unit as an option
  • 3.25-52.92 GPM at 100 PSI of input (see pricing chart)
  • Filter is optional
  • Droplet size of 50-200 microns


  • Booster pump can be added to the unit to increase water flow and pressure
  • Hose can be supplied with the unit
  • Unit can be equipped with a two-way valve to provide manual control over water flow
  • Multiple nozzle types and sizes are available
  • Water filter can be added for use with nonpotable water


  • The DB-R creates a virtual curtain of mist around the discharging material to contain particle flow
  • Simple, focused dust control
  • Continuous duty on radial stackers
  • Customizable options with Variable Particle Sizing (VPS) Technology
  • An intrinsically safe, mounted option


  • Unit is covered by a 3-year/3,000 hour warranty


Ring Size Nozzles Water Usage
17″ ID ring 30 DB-30 nozzles 3.25 GPM (12.30 LPM)
22.5″ ID ring 18 DB-45 nozzles 11.34 GPM (42.93 LPM)
25.5″ ID ring 30 DB-60 nozzles 18.90 GPM (71.54 LPM)
42″ ID ring 30 DB-60 nozzles 18.90 GPM (71.54 LPM)
100″ ID ring 84 DB-60 nozzles 52.95 GPM (200.44 LPM)


Ring Size Inlet Port Size
17″ ID ring .75″ NPT
22.5″ ID ring 1″ NPT
25.5″ ID ring 1″ NPT
42″ ID ring 1″ NPT
100″ ID ring 1.5″ NPT