Product Bio

For smaller jobs, the DustBoss® DB-30 outperforms its size, capturing dust particles more effectively than many larger machines. Mounted on a movable carriage, the versatile unit has a reach of 100 feet (approx. 30 meters), able to deliver exceptional coverage of a 31,000 square foot (2,880 square meter) area from a standard ⅝” garden hose. Because of its compact size, the DB-30 can be an extremely effective option for indoor locations or confined spaces.

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General Specs

  • 9,200 CFM (260.50 CMM) generated by 7.5 HP fan. Optional single-phase motor generates 8,000 CFM (226.50 CMM)
  • 5,500 square feet (511 square meters) coverage. More than 31,000 square feet (2,880 square meters) coverage available with optional 359° oscillation.
  • Oscillator gives 0-70° of movement. Unit can also be equipped with optional increased oscillation, up to 359°
  • Adjustable angle of throw 0-50° of height adjustment

Electrical Specs

  • U.S.: 3 Phase / 7.5 HP fan / 480 Volt / 60 Hertz. Full load current is 11 amps. Recommended minimum gen set is 30 Kw. Motors are designed with a 1.15 service factor capable of operating at +/-10% of design voltage.
  • No male plug, “bare wire” is standard. Any plug is extra cost.

Water Specs

  • Do not operate above 100 PSI (6.89 BAR) water pressure or unit may be damaged.
  • Filter is included and should be used at all times. Contact us for recommendations when using non-potable water. (Filter system in-line 75 mesh 200 micron).
  • Standard ⅝” (15.80 mm) garden hose connection.
  • Throw 100 feet (30 meters)


  • Unit is available with optional increased oscillation, up to 359°. Standard oscillation provides 0-70° of movement.
  • Available on frame with skid mount. Unit comes standard on wheeled carriage.
  • Dosing pump can be added to unit for chemical applications.


  • Unit is covered by 3-year / 3,000-hour warranty.