Customized Solutions


At Dust Control Technology, we specialize in solutions. While we offer a range of standard units, we also provide many of our customers with custom-tailored solutions, based on the specific needs of their application. From our cutting-edge VPS™ (Variable Particle Sizing™) technology — which equips our units with an additional ring of misting protection and offers the flexibility of modified nozzle configurations — to our tower and truck-mounted units, we are always working toward providing better solutions to our customers.

Customized Tower Unit

The DustBoss® tower units provide a versatile, customizable dust and odor control solution. Spraying the work site from above, tower units prevent nuisance dust or odor from entering the airstream, greatly reducing the possibility of fugitive dust leaving the work site. The tower system is made to order, based on the needs of your specific application and individual location. A computerized network enables the units to be controlled remotely or to run automatically via software. The spray angle of the units can also be adjusted remotely from the ground, with the electronic adjustment jack option.

Our custom solutions aren’t limited to our product line. In addition to our renowned DustBoss products, we also offer consultation services in the field of dust and odor control and suppression for businesses.