Dust suppression misting cannons

DB-30 dust control machineDB-30
Throw 30 m (100 ft)

DDB-45 dust control machine
Throw 45 m (150 ft)
DB-60 dust control machine
Throw 60 m (200 ft)
DB-100 dust control machine
Throw 100 m (328 ft)

cannon / trailer / genset packages


DB-100 Fusion
mobile-dust-suppressionDB-60 Fusion

misters and spray bars

ask about custom spray bars

dust suppression conveyor ringDB-Ring

The DB-R is a ring of nozzles that creates a curtain of mist surrounding the material flow at conveyor discharge points. Custom shapes available.

dust control misterDB-Mister

For small areas with serious dust issues, the DB-M offers the aggressive dust fighting abilities of a cannon without the turbulence of a fan. The head is mounted on a boom available in different heights.

dust control misterDB-Mister-Mini

A more flexible, compact version of the DB-M, the DB-M Mini is suited to use along crushers, hoppers, and with other applications.

odor control

ask about the OdorBoss line of deodorizers

OdorBoss Topical Odor Control Machine
OdorBoss Topical
Surface deodorizing agents
OB-60G Suppressing Odor
Air deodorizing agents

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