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Case Study: Environmental Remediation Project Uses Advanced Odor Control Technology

CUSTOMER TRC Companies (TRC) LOCATION Central Massachusetts (US) APPLICATION Urban renewal project targeting site of a manufactured gas plant that operated from 1870 to 1969. CHALLENGE Control odor during excavation of soil contaminated by coal tar. SOLUTION One OdorBoss© 60G RESULTS Unit was delivered in days allowing the project to restart after several days of downtime…. Continue Reading

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One of the longest running DB-60 units trounces fugitive dust

  “It’s the best method of dust suppression I’ve seen in my 40 years in the demolition business, other than Mother Nature with a heavy rain storm. – Rick Cuppetill Adamo DustBoss has been a long time partner with Adamo on dust control. Adamo specializes in demolition and site remediation, including many of the Midwest’s… Continue Reading

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Portable power: Our biggest dust control cannon is unleashed

trailer mounted dust suppression cannon with genset

The Fusion is also an ideal trial machine because there is less setup. With the first month’s rent applied to any subsequent purchase, a lot of companies try the Fusion first. The most powerful DustBoss dust suppression cannon is now available packaged with a genset and mounted on roadworthy trailer. The DustBoss® DB-100 Fusion™ is… Continue Reading

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Mount your attack: Four ways to mount dust suppression cannons

dust suppression cannon mounted on trailer with genset

The first step is to admit you have a dust problem and that you need a dust suppression cannon. The second step is to decide how big of a dust problem you have and how powerful of a cannon you need. Once you’ve identified size, it’s mounting time. All dust suppression cannons can be placed… Continue Reading

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Case Study: Slurry odor control at sugar beet processing plant

odor-control systems for wastewater treatment

“We’ve done a lot of homework on odor control systems, traveling across the country looking at different methods in action. We haven’t seen anything with this kind of mobile, yet high-strength, platform.” -Gary Witzgall Bay City Factory Manager A sugar beet processing plant has added the OdorBoss to their odor control arsenal to combat odors… Continue Reading

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Mr. Dust Control Carl Harr Retires

Mr. Dust Control Carl Harr

Carl Harr was the salesman, the photographer, “the go-to guy” at Dust Control Technology. As of Feb. 1, 2016, Harr has been enjoying life with his wife in central Illinois during the beginning of his retirement. Carl Harr worked at Dust Control Technology for nine years and enjoyed many aspects of his job. Harr says… Continue Reading

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Winterized dust suppression: Snow can’t stop dust control

suppress dust at demo

‘Can this thing make snow?’ That’s one of the most common questions we get about the DustBoss fan units. The answer is no. While sharing some characteristics of snow maker cannons, the dust suppression mist cannons cannot make snow. So when the weather outside is frightful, feel free to run it. You will not turn… Continue Reading

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And now… mobile odor control with freeze protection

mobile odor control system-with-freeze-protection

One thing became clear after hearing our customers’ odor control struggles: it doesn’t matter how innovative your odor control solutions are if they aren’t built for all seasons. The OdorBoss is already one of the most versatile odor control systems on market with it’s mobility, durability, and power. Optional heat protection measures are designed to… Continue Reading

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Case study: UK metal reclamation facility declares all-out war to suppress dust

10 dust controllers eliminating dust at metal reclamation facility

“The mobility of the DustBoss means that we can take it to any area on our sites – be it stockpiling or processing – set it up and have it running in no time.” – John Rice, director One of the UK’s largest metal recycling specialists has announced an all-out war on process dust an… Continue Reading

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Case study: Recycler dumps sprinkler dust suppression system to tackle increased C&D recycling

Dust control machine used at a facility that recycles construction and demolition debris

“Our water bill has gone down considerably.” -Mark Sredin Production Manager Recent increases in incoming construction and demolition debris forced Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) to manage a greater amount of dust throughout its facilities. By replacing a large sprinkler system for dust control with a DustBoss® 30 (DB-30), LRS has successfully used atomized mist to… Continue Reading

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