Case study: Slag recycler meets air quality regs with DustBoss Tower mounted on shipping container

slag dust suppression in water starved California

  California’s widely publicized water crisis and subsequent restrictions on usage has — in some instances — bumped up against some of the state’s stringent environmental regulations. According to state rules, if there is a chance of dust emissions from substances such as slag that can potentially contain heavy metals, then the air quality regulations… Continue Reading

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Case Study: Dust suppression via remote control at scrap recycler

tower mounted dust cannon at scrapyard

New remote control capabilities have been developed though a collaboration between DustBoss and a pioneering Midwestern US scrapyard,which recently incorporated atomized misting technology for dust suppression at its 29-acre site in downtown Holland, MI. The enhanced control better serves the unique layout and workflow of the facility, making dust control even easier and more efficient… Continue Reading

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Tower Units Extend Reach, Improve Aiming Of Dust Suppression Equipment

One of the global leaders in open area dust suppression has announced the introduction of a new component in its arsenal of custom solutions: a family of tower mounts for the company’s atomized misting equipment, which extends droplet hang time and range, while providing more precise aiming capability. Complementing a product line that already includes… Continue Reading

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Case study: Landfill controls fly ash dust and moisture with misting dust suppression tech

tower mounted dust control machines aimed at fly ash stockpile

Maintaining the appropriate moisture level is important in preventing the ash from drying out and potentially creating dust that could migrate off-site. Operators of a large Midwestern landfill have typically used “big gun” spirinklers designed for irrigation to maintain the moisture content of dewatered and compressed fly ash slurry. While the dust control techniquse effectively… Continue Reading

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